Managing more than a privilege is a responsibility. The numbers in the US of accidents are so high that they claim thousands of lives per year. In the past decade, automobile accidents were the second cause of death in people between 15 and 35 years of age. That is why now that you will make your first trip on the road it is important that you follow a series of tips. Make a crucial decision by hiring your car at

1. Make your day trip, preferably, because you will have a better view of the road.

2. Concentrate on the road.

Put aside distractions such as the cell phone or the vehicle entertainment system.

3. Verify that any device to carry luggage on the car is properly fixed to the vehicle.

Try to move it slightly to see if it has a game that, with the speed, can make the locks loose and things fall on the road. Any carelessness can become an accident for another motorist.

4. Make sure that all crew members wear a seat belt during the trip.

5. Never drink and drive, nor drive if you have not slept for a long period of time or you are tired (with pig disease) or after a physical activity that you exhaust and that increases your level of distraction.

6. Also do not encourage yourself to drive if you are sick, because your reflexes are not 100 percent and that could lead to an accident.

7. Respect the speed limits.

Being your first time, if you go very fast it is likely that at some point on the road your vehicle makes a strange and not knowing how to react you can aggravate an accident.

8. Check the mechanical status of your vehicle.

It must be in perfect condition: tuned, adjusted, revised brakes, fluids at the recommended level and tires with a good drawing (here we tell you how to check your tires). Otherwise, it could lead to a mishap.

In case of an accident, contact emergency team where they will provide you with the corresponding medical or mechanical assistance.

9. Carry an emergency kit.

You never know when you will need alcohol, band-aids, pills for dizziness, among other things.

10. Last but not the least, travel sure of what you are doing at the speed that you feel comfortable.

Choose the lane that best suits you and do not try to run by doing what others are doing.

Finally, remember to reach your car rental services at