While there’s no exact meaning of a boutique accommodation, the style generally has a number of common characteristics.


Buildings own a distinctive vibe and never have the “cookie cutter” feel to be one of a set. They are often operated individually and also are not connected with the primary chain. Even so, the most significant independent boutique accommodation operator worldwide, the Kimpton Hotel brand, is a member of IHG.


The interior decorating of a boutique accommodation is undoubtedly as exceptional as its operations, but always chic and often combining historical details with stylish style. Boutique accommodations present a progressively forward style and design with diligent decor. Guest rooms are individually adorned, and use elegant bed linens as well as distinctive conveniences.


Very individualized service is definitely a feature of boutique accommodations. Employees will know your own name on the first day of your visit. Providing unique luxury comforts for instance a wide pillow menu and additionally custom toiletries, and also gives luxurious spa services helps make an incredibly high-quality, customized experience.


There’s no hard rule, however, many boutique motels may be found in the most trendy cities. You’ll locate them in lively sections, they might well be one of many factors in the area’s rejuvenation and also high end residential local neighborhoods that are faraway from the throngs of people, although convenient to city highlights. can also be found in resort regions, frequently well hidden from the principal vacationer throng.

Client base

The types of people who are enthusiastic about boutique hotel accommodations are as personal as the hotels themselves and also tend to be just as hip. Visitors who get pleasure from innovative design and style, unusual character, along with luxurious service will be right at home in boutique hotels.


Like the rest pertaining to boutique motels, their eating houses and bars are likely to be hip, chic and also locally-sourced. Premium quality, unique cuisine, and comfy tropical drink atmospheres make these eating spots favored by locals and in addition visitors.


Boutique hotel accommodations are commonly small, with 15 to 75 suites. They make the atmosphere of being an individual client in a private home, rather than just a hotel tenant. Sometimes they have public “living areas” where people can easily interact.

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